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I work in order to eat delicious food
Lee JongHyun

Anonymous asked: does anyone know if he's religious at all?

JongHyun used to go to church with his friends on Sunday when he was a student. After that, they had eat then went back home.

Oricon Style Interview, Translated by @totoronyuu

Another "I live to eat" story

  • Question: Do you have any jinx?
  • Lee Jonghyun : Before live performance, I stuff my food box.
  • Question: Necessary thing that you do before live performance?
  • Lee Jonghyun : Eat
When I eat DoijiGukbob (Pork Soup With Rice), I reflect my life. There’s such a delicious food in this world, I must live hard.
To be able to keep eating this delicious food, I must work hard.
Lee JongHyun (via cnbjonghyun)

(via cnbjonghyun)

Jonghyun is not hungry

(via cnbjonghyun)

Picky Eater



Q: Who is the least picky eater?

Yonghwa: Jonghyun is the most picky eater.
Jonghyun: I’m picky but I eat alot!
Yonghwa: You didn’t eat the Pizza yesterday!
Jonghyun: I like pork soup and shabu shabu.
Yonghwa: Jonghyun wants us to eat shabu shabu 6 times a week.
Jonghyun: But they don’t.
Yonghwa: We actually like spaghetti but we rarely have the time to go eat. But when we do have the time, Jonghyun always say ‘lets go eat shabu shabu!’
Minhyuk: It’s not that we don’t like shabu shabu but I guess we just want to rebel since Jonghyun suggests it way too often. Jonghyun doesn’t like spaghetti.


Q: You must have hard time because of food

Jonghyun:  My stomach can’t handle cheesy food.

100520 Yozm Star Interview, Translation by 


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playing guitar with mic stand????

Burning Souls United.

" Live like a COOL person.
Think PLEASANT thoughts.
Dream of aging GRACEFULLY. "
- Lee Jonghyun
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