Lee JongHyun, precious boy from Songdo Middle School

NEVER STOP movie staff pay a visit to Jonghyun’s school. Songdo Middle School in Busan. 

JongHyun Taekwondo practice


Jonghyun got third place at a Judo competition in Busan about one month after he started the sport. ( trans cr @gkboice )


The middle school Jonghyun attended now has their own school band. It was set up by the principal in 2009 after hearing about Jonghyun. (trans cr @gkboice )


Lee Jonghyun met his old teacher and his junior when they came to Seoul for competition last year in September (i’m not sure they come from bukyung high school or songdo middle school) - Read Fanaacount HERE


A few day later, Lee JongHyun visit his school in Busan


And when CNBLUE held Can’t Stop Live in Busan, his school supported him. An army of Jonghyun’ s school junior come by bus. ( cr @DianeVillanueva )


An old interview with Jonghyun teachers (read HERE)

[EngSub] NEVER STOP - Jungshin and Minhyuk funny moment feat Jonghyun

subbed by @gkboice

[EngSub] Mnet Wide - CNBLUE Bang Bang Fall Photoshoot

subbed by @gkboice

140715 Weekly Idol Red Carpet - Lee JongHyun

More Photos by Sunny_LJH (1) (2)



tom and vs jerry

When Lee Jonghyun invites you to his bedroom on first date

Jonghyun Wrestling Practice

Kickboxing Practice at MMA Gym

CNBLUE and their indie sensei

Burning Souls United.

" Live like a COOL person.
Think PLEASANT thoughts.
Dream of aging GRACEFULLY. "
- Lee Jonghyun
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