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When Hyorin asks Jonghyun what the next game challenge is.

JongHyun and Instant Noodles #JongFood

A Shinee fan spotted CNBLUE JongHyun in a convenience store. He bought lots of instant noodles ㅋㅋㅋ

cr @路依唯爱珍基 weibo ( trans cr @nuromianchaochi)


Jonghyun and convenience store is a great pair to ship tbh. 

3/ gifsets of Code Name Food

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Lee JongHyun The PorkSoup Prince

Lee JongHyun The Porksoup Prince was mentioned in “History & Recipe of Dwaeji Gukbap" Article

인기밴드 씨엔블루의 이종현 군이 한 TV 방송에서 “돼지국밥 없이는 살수 없다”라고 말해 더욱 잘 알려진 돼지국밥은 부산지역을 대표하는 향토음식 중 하나다. 

Lee Jonghyun of popular band CNBLUE once said at a TV show, “I can’t live without Dwaeji gukbap (pork soup).” It made Dwaeji gukbap more popular, which is one of popular local foods of Busan.

Translated by @saturnkr

Lee JongHyun and Dwaeji Gukbab Love Scandal

[Scans] Live Magazine Vol. 8 (4)

Scanned by The Stupid @ Weibo


[Video|Trans] TGI Friday’s The Making - Shameless Glutton JongHyun Version

YH , MH , JS

Yonghwa: What’s your nickname?
Jonghyun: Flower deer. (Cervus nippon hortulorum, usually means a noble young lady.)
(drops bottle on Jungshin’s foot.) I didn’t do it on purpose.
Dragon: Good.
Jonghyun: One two
Chef: Haven’t you tried it already?
Yonghwa: We haven’t this.
Jonghyun: It’s not a manner to this meat. (If I don’t try this)
Jonghyun: (To FNC lady) I will try it first.
Lady: You will?
Yonghwa: Jonghyun, you said you’ve been doing it for 18 years, haven’t you?
Jonghyun: Yes. I mastered up to ‘to throw the meat over the air then cut it’.
Yonghwa: Ah. I started learning the knife only 3 years ago.
Jonghyun: 3 years.
Yonghwa: For 17 years, I’ve only put pepper.
Jonghyun: Anyone who likes liquor? You guys all hate it? You’re hypocrites. hypocrites.
I’m not sure the taste, but the color is pretty.
(Can’t put the straw into his mouth) Gentleness is the mandatory to the gentleman.
Oh greasy. Oh funny.

Jungshin: I’m light green.
Yonghwa: I’ll take this this. Look at me.
Jungshin: Is it a bib?
Yonghwa: This paprika must be from Brazil.
Yonghwa: This is Yong Chi. (Yonghwa’s Kimchi rice) This is a model.
Minhyuk: What are you doing?
Yonghwa: Cocktail.
Yonghwa: Yah This is cool. I want to learn it.
Dragon: Please hit here once.
Minhyuk: I should learn this kind of thing!
Yonghwa: (To Minhyuk) What’s your job? You must be lonely? You come here everyday. Let me help you pay first.
Here it goes~~
Now a cooking man is the general trend.
staff: Go once more.
Yonghwa: Ah~ I’m being shrinked to death. (awkward)
Now a cooking man … once more.

(Yonghwa and Minhyuk play ‘Father and me’)
Yonghwa: Hyunseok hyung! Hyunseok hyung! It’s just a mix with grape juice. How is it?
Minhyuk: To tell the trueth, objectively?
Minhyuk: CNBLUE’s Love on party.
Staff: Go again.
Minhyuk: Jung Yonghwa! Olive.
Dragon: Hwaiting!
Minhyuk: You even don’t give me a chance of trying it?
Why do you hit there!
Jungshin: What bartender are you?
Yonghwa: Customer may go.
Minhyuk: I hope you have this, and enjoy the party…
Yonghwa: Julgisam? (Julgisam=internet slang)
Jonghyun: Why you must smell it?
Minhyuk: I am always sensitive to the latest trend.

Yonghwa: Yah Yah 
Jungshin: What happened?
Yonghwa: Yah Lee Jungshin!
Minhyuk: What are you doing?
Yonghwa: (Try the food) Ah…
Jungshin: Why?
(Jungshin sprays vinegar to Yonghwa)
Minhyuk: It really stings my nose.
Yonghwa: (seeing Jungshin’s pasta) What’s this?
Minhyuk: Don’t touch it yet.
Jungshin: Don’t say such word.
Yonghwa: This is like the model in front of the restaurant.
Jungshin: It’s almost the level of that.
Yonghwa: I mean it’s just the model.
Minhyuk: One two three
Yonghwa: Relax your nose.
Minhyuk: One two
(Jungshin bursts into laughter, hits Yonghwa)
Minhyuk: We haven’t tried yet. It’s not verified yet.
Jungshin: What should I do to show my taste?
Jungshin: Can I try it? Yeh
Yonghwa: Really?
Jungshin: Excellent.
Jungshin: Finished.
Staff: One two three
Jungshin: A real nice man? An intellegent man.
Staff: One more time.

Video credits 

Translated by @saturnkr

Anonymous said: who do you ship jonghyun with? i'm so curious because you're a jonghyun based blog hehehe

I Ship JongFood





coz they’re fucking real

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“I live to eat”

JongHyun infinite love for Pork Soup (Doiji Gukbab)



170411 Fan Sign 

Fan: I have a question… you don’t need to give me honest answer please say that you like me more..

JongHyun: What?

Fan: Which you like more? Me or rice in Pork Soup?

JongHyun: Rice in Pork Soup

Fan: I knew it ㅠㅠ

Translation credits @unexpectedF



Yong Hwa: Say anything you want to eat

Jung Shin: Spaghetti

Min Hyuk: Kim Chi Jigae(stew)

Jong Hyun: Doiji Gukbab (Pork Soup)

MCs: What! Doiji Gukbab!! Ah he is from Busan!



JungShin: (If I go to Busan) I want to eat Doiji Gukbab.

JongHyun: Ah! Doiji Gukbab!!

YongHwa: What a reaction.

JongHyun: Doiji Gukbab… I can’t live.

YongHwa: Yon can’t live in Doiji Gukbab, it’s too hot.

JungShin: (again) I want to eat Doiji Gukbab.

YongHwa: “I can’t live in Doiji Gukbab.” kuk kuk kuk

JongHyun: I wanted to say ‘I go nuts with Doiji Gukbab.’ (But it’s too harsh expression.)


Radio show

DJ: What does Doiji Gukbab mean to Jong Hyun?

Jong Hyun: When I eat Doiji Gukbab, I regret my life. There’s such delicious food in this world, I must live diligently. (lol our food philosopher)

DJ: Hahahaha I know what it is. You feel in from your heart.

Jong Hyun: To keep eating this, I must work hard.


Another Radio Show

Today In ShimShimTapa Radio Show, JongHyun & JungShin was asked to picked one girl each out of Rainbow.

JungShin picked Jaekyung, because they’ve known each other  for 2 years.Jaekyung brother is FNC trainee now.

While JongHyun chose Woori, because he has watched her on TV eating PORK SOUP so deliciously.

WGM, O4U and Radio show translation by @saturnkr

Another "I live to eat" story

  • Question: Do you have any jinx?
  • Lee Jonghyun : Before live performance, I stuff my food box.
  • Question: Necessary thing that you do before live performance?
  • Lee Jonghyun : Eat
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